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innovate retail by connecting devices

the Internet of Things Creates Supply Chain Operational Efficiencies

Omni-channel retailing adds new complexities to an already competitive environment. Leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) as a means of merging the physical and digital worlds, optimizing supply chain operations, and improving customer experience throughout the value chain.

Keep customers engaged and coming back with solutions made for you backed with Samsung Wireless Products and Verizon FiOS

Experience the benefits of innovative connectivity with Samsung Wireless for retail

  • CRM
  • Customer & Store Metrics
  • Mobile POS
  • Track Inventory
  • Equip Sales Associates
  • Real Time Notifications

robust, seamless, and secure wi-fi

Meet the needs of customers, sales associates, and administrative staff. Seamless Wi-Fi enables you to send targeted promotions to returning and newly identified customers with easy, secure authentication, and automated connectivity. Employ successful sales strategies based on foot traffic data, including the creation of application that influence purchases and boost satisfaction. Best of all using Samsung Wi-Fi products, we take care of deployment, installation, and administration!

elevate the in-store connected shopping experience

Deliver real-time, seamless, personalized content for better customer engagement while they’re in the store and beyond. Support BYOD policies for employees. Empower mobile POS devices, self-shopping, or other social applications. Enable technology for inventory management and other back-end processes. Support notification, determine product availability in nearby stores, facilitate the identification of customers, and influence sales for top line growth.

equip store associates and close more sales

Richer voice and video Wi-Fi communication can positively influence in-store customer purchase decisions. Provide an interactive mobile concierge for real time customer engagement. Deploy proximity marketing with integrated beacons and digital signage solutions. Enable fully compliant and secure mobile POS. Use Wi-Fi analytics for targeted promotions. Facilitate effective in-store customer engagement and an omni-channel experience along with a full inventory control.