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Solutions for your Business

Fusing experience and innovation H&B provides solutions tailored to your industry. Contact us now to see how we meet your immediate needs and anticipate future needs to help keep you business on the go and ready to adapt to ever changing business ecosystem. Home and Business Total Solutions is a premium partner with ADT, Samsung and Verizon FiOS.
The technology tailored by us stands on the shoulders of Samsung engineering and high speed fiber optic internet services provided by Verizon FiOS that proactively prepares your customers for the future by delivering a more seamless and intelligent network. Innovation and connectivity generate opportunities for broader and better customer experiences. Thus, when customers experience the agility of a better network, based on the engineering of a stable, reputable company like Samsung Wireless Enterprise & Verizon, it makes you look good.

Tailored to your industry:

Retail Stores & Warehouses

Seamless connectivity enhances the shopping experience while improving business operations

Healthcare Facilities

As the population ages, the need for connectivity grows



Solution built specifically to meet the demands of a 21st century classroom



Provide more than a place to sleep and dine; help guests connect to their world


Large Public Venues

Is your wireless network up to the challenge of hosting thousands of devices at the same time?

Apartments & MDUs

Make urban living the ultimate connected experience

Solutions for your Home

Combining our resources with ADT, Samsung and Verizon FiOS, we at H&B Total Solutions offer tools and systems to let you have a fully automated house. 

Our Home Automation Systems backed by ADT and powered on fiber optical network from Verizon can make your house not only a smart, but safe too. In case a fire breaks out, set your system to turn off the thermostat to help stop the spread of smoke, turn the lights on, and unlock the doors for a safe escape. Put simplicity in your hands and unparalleled protection in your home.

Your home is more than smart. It is Safe!

Attain a Whole New Level of Security

Lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone for an extra level of security with ADT Automated locks and keypads.

Take Your Light Switches with You

Control your lights from any location with ADT Automated Home Lighting and smart bulbs.

Smart Enough to Take Orders Remotely

Adjust and schedule your home’s temperature remotely with ADT Home Automation compatible thermostats.

Extend the Range of Your Garage Door Control

Open, close, and monitor your garage door from anywhere with ADT Home Automation garage door security.

Make Your Front Door Your First Line of Defense

See, hear and speak to anyone at your door with ADT Home Automation compatible doorbell cameras.

Add convenience and enhance your safety 

Transform electronics and appliances into devices you can control remotely with ADT Home Automation compatible plugs and switches.